Motivational Monday: Fear-Based Emotions

By Dr. Carol Morgan

Have you ever been jealous? Felt possessive? Or perhaps envious of other people? These are called fear-based emotions. In her Motivational Monday video series, our Editor shares her thoughts on why you should pay attention to these feelings.

What should you do now? First, don’t get all freaked out by all the negative emotions you have running through your head. Instead, do something about it! Start right now … TODAY … and monitor your thoughts. The more you do that, the more you can change them into positive ones. And you know what that means. You will be much, much happier!

What are YOUR Success Attributes?

By Kristi Hoffman

As a child, I was rather reserved.  I didn’t necessarily know how to assert myself or go after what I wanted.  And I most certainly hadn’t defined what I wanted at that time, as I was busy living in the moment. And like a turtle, I was living under a shell, protected and unaware of the bigger world awaiting me outside of that shell.

It wasn’t until later in life that I realized I needed a plan, a structure, a Chick path to lead me towards greater things yet to reveal themselves.  Things that would foster fulfillment and success, like a rewarding and enjoyable career, healthy lifelong relationships, a fit body, a clear mind.

Today I’m living a Total Package Life where every decision I make is made with the greatest intention of aligning my body, brain, and spirit.  That is a Total Package Life. But it took many steps, many years of experience, an acknowledgement of my talents, strengths and attributes, and much introspection, to get here.  I didn’t necessarily realize it at the time, but I was relying solely on my inside, natural attributes to carry me through…which is a good first step on the Chick path.

Some time back I interviewed Dr. Lucy Gibney, an M.D. and savvy businesswoman who started Lucy’s, Inc., a natural food brand company specializing in snacks that are non-GMO, natural, vegan, gluten free and food-allergy friendly.  Among other things, I asked her what attributes drove her to start her now-successful company (they were in 7000 retail locations in five countries, at the time of my Total Package interview).  In addition to her successful medical career, she said that as a child she was observant, curious, creative, independent, and social.  These attributes, she said, helped her hone her entrepreneurial skills and be successful in her corporation.  She noted that at every step of her career, from M.D. to successful CEO, she kept learning and growing, and building on her core attributes.

Dr. Lucy’s advice makes me ponder how I evolved from a reserved girl into a more assertive public speaker, success coach and lifestyle author.  I realized that I’ve always been driven to succeed and I’ve noticed that when making clear decisions that involve my body, brain, and spirit as a whole, I’ve been able to shine.  What was missing in my younger years was the eye-opening Total Package revelation that I needed to focus on blending my talents, loves, and God-given attributes.  I needed to complete the equation of me.  Like Dr. Lucy, I first had to identify my core skill set.  Only then could I continue traveling down my life path with clarity. I had to keep learning, growing, and focusing on blending my talents and loves.  And with every focused decision on body, brain, and spirit, my Chick path became clearer.  Today, it has evolved into one that’s not only fulfilling and successful, but fun!

Think about, even ask others in your close circles, what your skill set and attributes are. Where do you shine at work? What random compliments do you receive? Attributes may not present themselves fully yet, but they are inside you. In fact, you’ve been honing them for years.  Uncover today what YOUR success attributes are.  Run with them, and use them to shine, grow, and come out of your shell.

Small Behavior Changes, BIG Success Story!

Sometimes we get into the mode of thinking that if we are going to be successful we need to do something BIG.

Or if we want to make changes in our lives, we also think in big chunks that sometimes seem hard to undertake.

But the big things are often a result of ceaseless little things going on in the background that set you up for success.

Daniel Newman talks about several behaviors that can set you up for big, successful results – these 5 things can make all the difference. hey hold true in any context you can imagine. You can read his story by clicking here.

Be sure to watch all the slides to see what you can do to end up with a successful life!