The Essence of Being a Woman

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By Anisha Joshi

For many years of my life so far, I was a tom boy. The reason was obvious. I grew up in a patriarchal society where I was supposed to reach home by 8 p.m., but the boys of my age went out at that time. Moreover, all the news and media coverage about the atrocities against women, shook me. I used to hate men because I felt they can do almost anything anytime.

Gradually, things started changing. I moved out of my native place. I met people. My perceptions changed. I changed. I started taking charge of my life. I started learning the art of keeping my emotions under my control. I started loving myself a bit more because I am a woman. I realized what an amazing thing it is to be feminine and yet strong at the same time. I started supporting feminist thoughts.

I still remember, on a random train journey, I met a guy who was excited about organizing a Pink Panther race for women. Women being the CEOs, being the pilots, operating huge machines, writing award-winning novels, raising voices against them, while being the mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, and much more. So, I have my own reasons for being super happy and super proud that I am a woman.

On this International Women’s Day, I want to write a few lines for every beautiful lady out there:

Being a woman,
You are strong
You are able
You are beautiful
You are eternally pure
You are glory
You are grace
You are elegance
You are natural
You are untouched
You are pure
You are the power
You are the smile
You are love
You are life
You create history
You add colors
You add mind-blowing mysteries
You add the walks and talks
You are perfect
You are complete

Just as strong and pious as Mother Mary
Just as perfect as Goddess Durga

You are complete within yourself.
You don’t need anyone to complete your existence.
But, someone needs you to complete his existence.

I personally adore the way Hindu Mythology has depicted Goddess Durga – open hair, wearing sari, jewelry – the feminine aspects, alongside the strength and ability to stand and rectify the wrong – holding a head of demon with dropping blood. This is the real woman – the one who is strong enough to face anything. The one who is independent, the one who has the confidence in herself and lives her life the way she wants. Yet she cares for her family, she loves her near and dear ones. The beauty of being a woman is this essence of being complete.

Happy Woman’s Day!!

Let’s cherish the existence of women, not just today but every day.
Let’s begin a new beginning, where women are seen with respect and complete perfection each day.

Cheers to all the women.
Cheers to all the men who read this.

Anisha Joshi

While pursuing her graduate studies, Anisha Joshi realized that her niche lies in being happy, her smile, and writing words that inspire others. She is in the process of becoming a Business Consultant by profession while she follows her passion for writing.