Expert Network Guidelines

We are very happy to welcome you as a member of our Expert Network!

Because we know that producing an interesting and engaging article is as important to you as it is to us, we have included some basic guidelines derived from our most well-received submissions.

Our Readers…

A Better Me Magazine strives to provide timely and actionable information in a compact and highly readable format. Our target demographic is primarily female, 25 years + and is interested in self-growth, improving her life circumstances, and in many cases, reinventing her personal story. She wants her life to be smoother, easier, more organized. She lives by our motto, “Think Right. Feel Good. Become More.”

She is aware of the aging process, reads Cosmo, “O,” Women’s Health, Shape Magazine and is aware of socio-political and cultural issues. She tends to be a “foodie” as well.

There are two easy ways you can come play with us…

  1. Become a Guest Blogger. As a “guest blogger” you can submit a short 350-600 word article as frequently as you’d like. We will provide an author bio box for you to promote yourself (75 words max) and include a single link to your website and one for your Facebook and twitter pages.
  2. Become a Better Me Magazine Featured Expert. This is where most of our authors want to be placed. “Experts” have a high level of expertise and usually have a “brand” following on the popular social channels. The requirements are a bit more exacting because we will hard schedule your article or video on our production calendar, provide you with a full-page “profile page,” promote your article on the homepage main slider, include an excerpt and link in our weekly newsletter, and consider you for joint ventures and recorded interviews. Your expert profile page is the place where you can promote yourself, your brand, you products and your social channels and include videos as well. We require a monthly commitment of one 700-1100 word article to maintain your expert status.

Here are some important article submission guidelines:

  • Your submitted article or video must not be solely self or product promotional (No press releases, please).
  • You must be the original author.
  • Subjects can include women’s health, lifestyle, stress management, time management, personal finances, fitness, sex & relationships, diet & nutrition, weight loss, anti-aging, women’s issues, etc.
  • Each feature-length article’s word count should be 700 – 1,100 words.
  • The Flesch-Kincaid score should be below 7.6 (recommended). This ensures readability so please stay away from $10 words and long sentences wherever possible. You can check your score here.
  • If you plan on submitting an article that you have published elsewhere, please do a minor rewrite of the title first two paragraphs and the closing paragraph.
  • Write to one person at a time in the language you would use if you were talking to that person face to face. That doesn’t always mean informal language. But it does mean conversational language.
  • Please submit your article as an attachment to: We will acknowledge receipt and let you know approximately when your article will appear.

Here are a few style guidelines (only if you need a bit of inspiration)

Our most popular articles are fun, informative and actionable. They are also edgy, controversial, and sexy (not too graphic please) and have:

1) A Tipping Point Idea (and only one idea)

2) An illustrative and moving story – details matter, use “the four U’s”

  • Uniqueness
  • Usefulness
  • Urgency
  • Ultra-specific

3) Specific proof that the idea is beneficial.

4) An actionable takeaway – when the reader is done with the article they should have learned something and know what their next step is.

5) A lead (your first 75 – 150 words) that follows one the six types: Secret, Story, Promise/Offer, Invitation, Problem/Solution, or Prediction.

6) Again, your article must not be solely self or product promotional.

We will provide:

  • We will provide an introduction to you (the author) and the article with a link to your full profile and picture on your expert page and a link to your site under your byline in the magazine body.  Be sure to include a full promotional bio and head-shot (300 x 300 px. min.) with your first submission.
  • Your profile page is where you can promote yourself as well as your book, product, etc. as long as the product is not the focus of the profile; our readers want to know more and get to know you! We will provide links to your site and product in the profile as well. Check out samples of other expert bios here.
  • Guest bloggers will receive an author bio box (75 words) at the end of their article with up to two links.
  • In addition to being sent to our subscriber list, your article will be posted in our “back issues” section with a footer link to your full profile.
  • We will always alert you when we publish anything you submit to us. This is not only so you can know when and where your material shows up but allows you to promote the link through your social channels to your followers.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your interest in A Better Me Magazine!

Keep Smiling,

Carol Morgan, Ph.D.

Editor, A Better Me Magazine



Skype: drcarolmorgan