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Dr. Sean Sullivan grew up near Boston and graduated from Harvard University. He became a clinical psychologist and settled in San Francisco where he completed post-doctoral work in Health Psychology at University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Sullivan oversees a performance psychology practice in San Francisco's Park Presidio and produces mind exercises to help his patients, clients and online community develop inner mastery and achieve personal goals. He also wrote The Mind Master’s Silent Journey and created The 21-Day Mind Master Programs and the #1 iPad self-help books app, The Mind Master’s Map. In 2015, Dr. Sullivan published Be Your Purpose: The Ten Science-based Steps to Stillness." Step 1 of Be Your Purpose describes my first visit visit to Stillness. Within a few months of that life-changing experience I'd moved across the country to dedicate myself to learning more. Last year, after thirteen years of study and practice, I traveled the world visiting the locations where breakthrough psychology, brain science and inner world masters uncovered each of the ten steps presented in Be Your Purpose. Taking you with me on that epic adventure is the privilege of my life." ​

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