4 Ways to Stop Your Suffering & Attain Peace of Mind

By Dick Sutphen

Whatever you refuse to face consciously you must suffer unconsciously.

In fact all your current suffering is the result of situations you have refused to confront. You’ve refused to act, repressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions until they are like a rubber life raft held just below the surface of the water.

You can stand on the emotional raft, forcing it down, but when you run out of energy to do that, or when you are not guarded, the repressed emotions surface and you experience the effects.

The only way to resolve the conflicts in your life and attain peace of mind is to deal with them as directly, honestly and efficiently as possible. There are four steps to end suffering and to attain peace of mind:

1) ACCEPT SELF-RESPONSIBILITY: In accepting karma as your philosophical basis of reality, you accept self responsibility. Your problems are karmic situations you need to experience to learn and grow. There is no one to blame for anything you’ve ever experienced. And remember, wisdom erases karma, and the law of grace supersedes the law of karma (if you give love and mercy and grace in your life, you will receive the same in return).

2) ACCEPT THAT WHAT IS, IS: Accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can and have the wisdom to know the difference. Remember, you cannot change another human being.

3) DEVELOP DETACHED MIND: The goal is to enjoy all the good stuff life has to offer, but when outside conditions change, refrain from sinking into the basement of emotions (anger, hatred, desire for revenge). Allow negativity to flow through you without affecting you.

4) HARMONIOUS VIEWPOINT: The way you experience life is based on the way you choose to view what happens to you. Your viewpoint is the deciding factor in whether you perceive life as a troublesome journey or a harmonious experience.

Four steps to end suffering and obtain peace of mind! I’ve been working on these four wisdom points for 40 years and I’m still not there. But I can’t imagine living my life without this philosophical back up.

Think You Know What Karma Is? Maybe You Don’t …

By Dick Sutphen

There is a metaphysical axiom that says, “Man always follows the highest path for which he is really certain.” Most likely, you are following the highest path of which you are really certain … and the result is your current life, just the way it is. If your life isn’t the way you want it to be, suspend your beliefs for a few minutes and explore with an open mind:


1. NO PATH: This path is best expressed in poet William Blake’s words: “The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” Those on this path eventually, through experience and pain, will perceive what has value and what doesn’t. Those on this path judge everything from a perspective of self, and often they have difficulty judging what action will result in harmony as opposed to disharmony. The No Path people appear to have little sense of balance and are usually unwilling to accept responsibility for their own lives.

2. BEGINNING PATH: These people are more responsible, but they enjoy having things “handed” to them. They want everything done “their way” and are materialistic and pleasure oriented. Chances are, those on the Beginning Path will be unlikely to have much interest in anything they can’t eat, touch or enjoy.

3. INTERMEDIATE PATH: Those on this path are beginning to realize that there is an alternate reality. They might become interested in spiritual matters, but tend to be drawn to dogmatic thinking. While they are less “self” oriented, they usually remain very materialistic and pleasure centered.

4. BALANCED PATH: Those on this path have an awareness of karma and carefully consider their actions because they are aware of the ramifications. They are beginning to comprehend unconditional love and seek to detach from the standard illusions about reality. They begin to recognize that llife can be experienced as a hostile separateness or a tranquil oneness. Those on the Balanced Path don’t repress their natural urges but refrain from excess.

5. HARMONIOUS PATH: These people require their outer life to be in harmony with their inner beliefs. They “live” their spiritual and self-actualized philosophy. They are beginning to incorporate unconditional love/acceptance into their lives and have risen above blame and judgment. They accept “what is” and are well on the road to developing “detached mind.” Most of those on this path practice meditation in some form.

6. FORCE-OF-WILL PATH: This path incorporates extreme discipline. It is the path of those in Zen monasteries, Yoga devotees and some priests … plus many others who center their lives around their spiritual faith. For many, this means extreme dietary practices and celibacy. The argument for following this path is that it is a rapid way to advance spiritually. The primary argument against this path is that it is undesirable to “drop out” of the “real” world and to repress your natural urges and desires, for in doing so, they will increase in intensity. Even if you manifest the self-discipline to deal with them in this life, you may generate a “karmic charge” that will have to be dealt with in a future life.

7. BODHISATTVA PATH: Those on this path are beyond seeking. They are truly “in the world, but not of it.” Only those who are highly evolved are capable of walking this path. They are living examples of “detached mind” and are dedicated to assisting others to find their way out of the darkness and into the spiritual light.


How To Stop Trying To Control Outcomes

By Dick Sutphen

When you live with expectations and desires, it follows you want to control outcomes. You want things to unfold in your favor. But you can’t control outcomes in life. The best you can hope to do is increase the odds through wisdom.

If you’re desiring a particular outcome, step back and ask yourself, “What’s the fear associated with the outcome?”

Explore the fear, including the worst that might happen if things did not turn out in your favor. If you’re committed to an outcome, the fear will be related to loss: The loss of love, loss of control, loss of finances, or the loss of self-esteem. Which applies to your situation?

Then ask yourself, “What if I could take the fear out of my desire?”

If there were no fear, the outcome would not matter. Logical.

So we’re back to resolving fear, a subject I write about a lot, because I’m working on it all the time.

As New Agers, we believe we can create our own reality, and I know this to be true, when we’re talking about finding happiness and fulfillment and living an abundant life. Reality is created by the way we view and accept what is. But don’t confuse this with controlling outcomes that in any way effect other people.

In other words, if you want if you want Leigh to fall in love with you, that is not within your power to control, no matter how many mind-programming CDs you use. The same is true with winning the pageant, getting your book accepted by a major publisher, or desiring a beautiful sunset.

Expectations and the desire to control do not work. Both are fear-based emotions, which we incarnated to rise above.

Many New Agers believe in controlling their thoughts. But it can’t be done. You can catch yourself when you’re thinking negative. You can use thought-stopping techniques which condition you, over time, to reduce fearful thinking. But out-and-out control of your thoughts isn’t an option.

What you can control is your behavior–your actions.

Mystics have always said a wise seeker learns to live without desire. Easier said than done. Probably not going to happen in this lifetime, but finding a self-actualized balance seems to me a worthy goal.

How To Let Go Of Your Past

By Dick Sutphen

“There is no vitality to the past except the life our minds give to it. The only thing the past is good for is to keep us stuck in the old patterns from which we’re trying to liberate ourselves. Our personal histories are the parts of our lives which hold us where we are,” says Swami Chetanananda in “Choose To Be Happy.”

If we cannot expand our awareness beyond our past — beyond our limitations — how can we possibly hope to grow? And do not compare the present to a past that is over and done, or you are courting real unhappiness.

People will tell you to learn from the past. Good advice. But learning what you “don’t want” will not support you for long. “Don’t want” doesn’t work. What do you want?

“Mind lives in the past because it lives in knowledge,” says Osho in “Guida Spirituale.” “Knowledge means that which you have known, understood, learned. And existence is now and mind is then; existence is here and mind is always there. Mind looks backwards; it is like a rear-view mirror. If you are backing your car the rear-view mirror is okay, but if you are going forward then it is dangerous to go on looking in the rear-view mirror. And if you become fixated on the rear-view mirror you are bound for an accident. You are in great danger, you are being suicidal. Life always moves forwards; it has no possibility of going backwards.”

Some counselors would have you searching your past for understanding to help you heal your stresses and dramas. But according to Swami Chetanananda. “All you’ll find in tension is more tension. Believe me, if you insist on standing in and sifting through garbage, the only thing you’re going to become is dirty at best and ill at worst. Reliving stress does not relieve stress; obsession with trauma can only traumatize.”

As a final thought, consider that your “ego” is a result of the past. So to give up ego means to give up your history. Your whole history. All that you have been up until this moment in time. But if you would drop your ego, you would be free of the past. This is not something you do one time and have it handled. Releasing the past has to be done regularly, otherwise it will accumulate. Every moment, the present turns into the past, so if you continue to collect, a new ego will arise.

Do not live in the past. Do not live for the future. Live in the timeless NOW. Easier said than done, but certainly a worthy goal.

Could You Be Living More Than One Life Right Now?

By Dick Sutphen

I have spent most of my career researching past lives. And yes, there are many people who think the concept is not possible. For example, some statisticians say that there are nearly as many people now living on the earth as the sum total of all the people who have ever lived. So there are not enough past lives to go around. In response, I’ll begin with a concept that’s difficult for many people to grasp: YOU ARE MORE THAN ONE PERSON NOW LIVING ON THE EARTH.

It was while I was writing and researching my book, You Were Born Again to Be Together, that I met Alex, who asked me to conduct hypnosis sessions. He had experienced several dreams in which he saw his wife Louise in an unfamiliar modern setting, but she looked different. Through hypnosis and working with a trance channel, we discovered that Louise, who lived in Phoenix, Arizona was also a woman named Mary who lived on a farm in Iowa.

The channeler who helped me investigate this case said, “There is a union between the two women in sleep and often the thoughts of one are known to the other, but are considered their own.”

Over time, lying side-by-side in sleep, couples tend to align their brainwave frequencies, which creates a psychic link. While dreaming, Alex was drawing images from his wife’s mind-images of her parallel-self in Iowa.

You Were Born Again To Be Together was published in April, 1976. In the fall of 1976, Jane Robert’s book of Seth channeling, Psychic Politics, was published. Now I didn’t see Jane’s manuscript and she didn’t see mine, but we were writing about the same thing. Seth said, “You can live more that one life in one time. You are neurological turned in to one particular field of actuality that you recognize.”

Here are a couple more excerpts from Psychic Politics:

SETH: If you could think of a multidimensional body existing at one time in different realities, and appearing differently within those realities, then you could get a glimpse of what is involved.

Here’s another:

SETH: You live more that one life at a time. You do not experience your century simply from one separate vantage point, and the individuals alive in any given century have far deeper connection than you realize. You do not experience your space-time world, then, from one but from many viewpoints.

Book Case Histories

The following is an interesting case history from You Were Born Again To Be Together:

Cherry Hartman, a psychiatric social worker for Lutheran Family Services, received answers to all of the questions I’d asked of my hypnotized seminar participants in a group parallel-life transference session. Instead of sharing lunch with the group, she spent her lunch hour on the phone attempting to verify shat she had learned in hypnosis. After lunch, Cherry shared what she found out.

She said, “In the parallel-life transfer, I went into a lifetime as James Arthur Phelps. I was an encyclopedia salesman and the year was 1963. I perceived the full address, city and state. My wife’s name was Jackie. I checked this out with the help of the telephone operator and found the address to be real, but there was no one by that name living there now. I was able to able to talk to a woman who lives a few houses away and she told me that a Phelps family had lived on the block ten years ago. Also, she verified the wife’s name.”

Were Cherry Hartman and James Arthur Phelps parallels-extensions of the same oversoul? I believe this so. I know Cherry believed this to be the case.

28-Year-Old Female:

A 28-year-old female seminar participant shared this story after her transfer session: “I went back or went over and found myself 12 years in the past. My name is Johanna Harris and I live in Peru. I’m a nurse, and the only way you can get to where I am is on a riverboat that brings supplies, which we get once a month. The village that I live in . . . grass type huts and there are four or five smaller ones for the individual people. My hobbies are the children of the village. I also go hunting for rocks and gems, getting off in the jungle by myself.

“As Johanna, I happen to be handling people in the hospital that can’t do for themselves. They can’t move themselves and the chief of the village especially . . . he’s a large man and he’s very heavy to try to move.”

She paused in sharing her story, placed a hand of her lower back and said, “Maybe this explains why my back hurts sometimes.”

39-Year Old Female:

This response was from a 39-year-old seminar participant who experienced the Parallel-Lives Transfer Session. She cried as she told her story: “I got very brief information, but I first picked up on a parallel at age nine. She was born approximately nine months after I was in the same town-Philadelphia . . . the same hospital and her name is Susan. She was living in Detroit at the age of nine, near Lake Michigan. Then this other information started coming in. It was a real shocker. In 1962, she lost a child that I birthed in December of ’62. There is other cross-tie information. I can’t share with the group for personal reasons. In 1975, Susan was involved in a sailing accident that crippled her and eventually led to her death in October of last year. Well, I know all of this has to do with my own depressed state of mind during the months she suffered. I got this out of it. I can describe the house she lived in. It was frame, one-story with a basement-Victorian style . . . and white with blue trim on the outside.”

48-Year-Old Male:

A 48-year-old male seminar attendee who participated in a group parallel-life transference session shared this. “If I can accept this, I am also a doctor practicing in New York City. I couldn’t get his name, but I guarantee you I’d recognize his offices if I were to ever see them. I saw his office door with many names on it, but they were fuzzy. Anyway, I’m probably in my late fifties or early sixties and have three grown children. My wife died several years ago, and I’m now living alone in an apartment in Manhattan. An interesting fact here is that in my own reality, I was a medic in the war, was good at it and learned quickly, but I saw enough human suffering to last me a lifetime. After the war, I started my own manufacturing business instead of pursuing medicine . . . at least this part of me did.”

Sure, this is “outside the box” to most people. But just because it seems bizarre doesn’t necessarily mean that it couldn’t be true.

Decide for yourself.

Spiritual People Have Thicker Brains

By Dick Sutphen

People who are religious or spiritual have ‘thicker’ brains, which may protect them against depression, according to an article in the British publication Mail Online, Dec. 31, 2013.

“Our beliefs and our moods are reflected in our brain and with new imaging techniques we can begin to see this,” said Dr. Myrna Weissman, a professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at Columbia University. In a story reported in “Reuters Health,” Weissman described the study using people aged 18 to 54 who were asked how important religion or spirituality was to them and how often they attended religious services over a five-year period. (NOTE: These subjects were the children or grandchildren of people who participated in an earlier study about depression.)

Overall, the researchers found that the importance of religion or spirituality to an individual – but not church attendance – was tied to having a thicker cortex.

COULD IT BE that Spirit is protecting those of a religious or spiritual nature from depression projected by the dark side?

In another recent report of brain findings, sociopaths, and serial killers were found to have unique dark spots in their brains.

COULD IT BE that this is evidence of the dark side taking over the brains of an individual, causing them to become monsters?

My wife Roberta and I have seen a strong pattern in the people we work with as private clients; they know their life is not in order but are having a hard time finding their truth.

Dark spots in the mind are lies. They are self-criticism and all other negative thoughts that pass through us daily. According to my research negativity attracts earthbound entities and psychic attacks.

Furthermore, we have found that light workers (New Age or Religious) are often a target of dark forces, who work to fill the minds of positive people with negativity, worries, and fears. Life on earth is made up of the balance between light and dark where we learn how to rise above fears. Our lives are not meant to be all good but rather they are a series of tests. We all need reminders to continually seek the truth and surround ourselves in the White Light of Spirit.

Later this month, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of over 50 New Age books, including several titles on the Djinn, Shadow People, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians, and other dark entities will be returning to Sedona and staying with my wife Roberta and me. Do a search on Rosemary if you are interested in this concept.

Is Meeting Certain People A Part Of Your Destiny?

By Dick Sutphen

Destiny leads those who will. Those who won’t, it drags.

How much of my life is predestined? After years of research and writing in this field, it remains the number one unanswered question for me. I am, however, convinced the answer is different for everyone. I have no doubt we each set up this lifetime with a soul blueprint laying out key experiences and meetings with other people destined to join us on our earthly journey.

At the same time, we need to factor in free will.

I’m still trying to figure the free will/destiny aspects of a recent case that feels right out of the twilight zone.

At the International Federation of Hypnosis Conference in Long Beach, CA, I presented a workshop and during post-conference, trained professional hypnotists in past-life regression techniques.

One of the group sessions included a “Back-to-the-Cause Regression.” This session allows participants to find the cause of a problem wherever it began — in this life or a past life. During the follow-up discussion, a female participant (a practicing hypnotherapist) explained she went into hypnosis looking for the cause of her ongoing physical pain, which modern medicine has been unable to resolve.

The hypnotherapist explained that in regression all she saw was a little girl about seven years of age, standing looking out a window. The girl was terribly sad because her mother had died and her father had no time for her. She had no playmates. “She was so lonely,” my subject said.

She then asked me if I would individually regress her as a demonstration for the other participants. I agreed and proceeded to hypnotize and direct her back to the cause of the physical pain. She again saw the little girl and could not move past the images. I said a silent prayer asking for guidance. Intuitively, I realized the little girl was not my client in the past, she was another entity who was right here, right now.

I asked my subject to communicate with the girl. This worked and the girl said her name was Jessica. We discovered she had died at age 10 in terrible pain, which she evidently carried with her into spirit. “I don’t hurt when I’m in you,” she said.

My subject, a mother, evidently allowed Jessica to come in, and in so doing, she inadvertently took on the girl’s physical pain. Classic entity attachment. I don’t know how, when or why this happened. Entities can enter during times of depression, extended anger/negativity, an accident, or as a result of excessive use of drugs/alcohol. There are receptivity factors, which might include opening to an entity out of empathy.

I called in Jessica’s real mother, who asked her daughter to leave with her and go to the light. But Jessica was too fearful to leave my subject’s body. Eventually, I had all the other seminar participants come over and lay their hands upon my subject. I directed an intense energy build up, to the point we could feel the heat in the palms of our hands. “On the count of three we’ll all release the energy and Jessica this is going to force you out into your mother’s waiting arms. One, two, three.”

It worked. Jessica was forced out and left with her mother. My subject awakened with a surprised look on her face. Prior to this session, her hip had been hurting so bad she could barely sit in a chair. She stood up saying, “My hip doesn’t hurt. I feel so much better.”

Cause and effect. Wisdom erases karma.

Was my subject destined to express compassion to help the child and thus learn a powerful lesson? Was it some kind of karmic payback? I don’t know. This is either a random universe and there is no meaning to life, or there is some kind of plan. My life work tells me there is a plan, and the only plan that makes logical sense is karma.

6 Self-Analyzing Questions

By Dick Sutphen

He teaches best what he most needs to learn, so when I tell you this, I’m really telling myself. What you think, feel and say about the circumstances in your life can keep you from acting to remedy situations that need to be resolved. We often lie to ourselves, not consciously, but by accepting circumstantial evidence as truth. And it can keep us from experiencing our power.

1. What career negativity have you accepted?

Take a look at your career and explore any kind of programming you have accepted that isn’t serving you. Assumed limitations and faulty assumptions can easily result from a downturn in revenue or a shift in market conditions. This kind of negative thinking can also be related to your self-image, the size of your vision, or your current feelings of power. Until you become aware of such self-imposed beliefs, it is unlikely you’ll do anything to rise above them.

As an example: I’ve been guilty of echoing the New York publishing world in saying, “New Age publishing is a dead genre.” But in reality, although the number of books being published is greatly reduced, new titles continue to come out and plenty of people want to read them. So I’m going to work on a new book.

2. What relationship negativity have you accepted?

If you’ve been dwelling upon your partner’s flaws, or a difference of opinion in regard to values or a life direction, have you allowed the differences to become a block to an otherwise good relationship? If so, your expectations are in conflict with what is. Your mate thinks one way, you think another, and that’s what is. You probably won’t be able to change their mind, so can you change your viewpoint?

In most life situations we don’t actually solve problems, except through our viewpoint-our perspective. By changing your viewpoint you can often eliminate the effects of a problem (so you’re no longer effected). And if you’re no longer effected by a problem you don’t have a problem … although nothing about the problem situation may have changed.

3. If you don’t have a primary relationship but desire one, what negativity have you accepted in regard to establishing a loving relationship?

Fate isn’t going to send a lover to your door while you sit home. You have to act. Go out and meet people. Research studies of single people who are lonely showed they often had rigid and demanding expectations about relationships. Perfectionism is not a positive trait in this area.

If you desire a relationship, ask yourself, what will change when I get what I want? Obviously a lot of things will change. Now, look at the changes you won’t like, because among these changes you’ll find the negative blocks that are keeping you from having what you want.

4. What goal-achievement negativity have you accepted? If you know what you want, what are you doing to get it?

It is easy to be discouraged, or to procrastinate when it comes to manifesting your desires. But most change takes time. The secret to success is to keep at it, step- by-step. Be tenacious and use mind-programming to remain focused and accelerate the process.

5. What Universal Laws are you failing to consider?

Where your attention goes, your energy flows. The Law of Attractions says that you attract what you are and that which you concentrate upon. If you’re negative, you draw in and experience negativity. If you’re loving, you draw in and experience love. You can attract to you only those qualities you possess. So if you want peace and harmony in your life, you must become peaceful and harmonious. So, where is your attention? What kind of energy are you generating? What are you attracting?

The Law of Attitude says, nothing in the Universe can harm you but your attitude. It is your attitude that moves you toward events and experiences and it is your attitude that will worsen or lighten any event, catastrophe, or tragedy. You and you alone choose the attitude with which you will respond.

6. Have you allowed others to fool you when it comes to self-interest?

There are three types of people to consider: 1. Self-actualized people who know they act only in their own self-interest; 2. People who know they act in their own self-interest, but attempt to make you believe otherwise; 3. People who don’t allow themselves to know their own truth and sincerely believe that other people’s interests are put before their own.

Become involved with the first type of person, one who acknowledges how the game of life is played. The second type is attempting to fool you. The third type fools himself and also attempts to fool you.

Anything you want that will add pleasure to your life-success, love, friendship, freedom, material items-will cost you in terms of time, energy, money, sacrifice, or any combination of these things. If you don’t accept the cost in advance, you may regret it when the bill comes due.

6 Ways to Rid Yourself Of Anger

By Dick Sutphen

Have you ever been angry at someone? This is a silly question, because if you’re human, the answer is undoubtedly ‘yes.’ But that doesn’t mean that your anger has to control you. Most people have been victims of their own negative feelings, and many feel like it is out of their control. But I am here to tell you this: It is not out of your control. You – and only you – can vanquish the anger in your life. And here’s why.

Your thoughts generate your anger. If you release negative thoughts, your anger will dissipate. I know it sounds simple yet difficult at the same time. But it can be done.

Here are 6 tips to rid yourself of anger:

1. Realize that the only reason you get angry is because you have expectations of approval or control.

You want someone else to approve of your actions … or you want to control their actions or reactions. When that doesn’t happen, you get angry. Or as my friend Michael Misita once told me: “One day I noticed that every time I got angry it was because I wasn’t getting what I wanted.”

The Course In Miracles advises that anger is fear-based and you should never express it toward others, because in so doing you’re unable to see clearly your interconnectedness with others.

Saint Augustine said, “It is better to deny entrance to just and reasonable anger than to admit it, no matter how small it is. Once let in, it is driven out again only with difficulty. It comes in as a little twig and in less than no time it grows big and becomes a beam.”

Okay. But if you follow this saintly advice, what about the resulting repression? Repressed emotions fester within and always end up surfacing in some undesirable way such as ulcers, depression, or misdirected antagonism. Long-term repression can cause cancer.

2. Do not repress such a strong emotion as anger, but learn to control anger.

If you don’t, it will destroy your relationships, raise your blood pressure, and come back to you in the form of cause and effect. Expressed negativity will always come back to you in the form of negative experiences.

So what can you do to deprogram anger?

3. Remind yourself when you get angry that your expectations are in conflict with what is.

Maybe the other person is an asshole. That’s what is. The other person is incompetent. That’s what is. The other person is inconsiderate and selfish. That’s what is. You can resist what is, blow your top and raise your blood pressure, but it won’t change what is. In other words, your anger will probably only make matters worse.

4. Try using mind programming.

Master of Life or Zen suggestions in the form of hypnosis or sleep programming is highly effective. I have spent most of my career using hypnosis to re-program people’s minds so they can make their lives better.

5. Some people have greatly reduced their anger levels with a mantras.

For example, something such as this can help greatly: “From now on, I choose to respond to negativity with tranquility.” Say it over and over and over to yourself throughout the day — ideally, hundreds of times a day. Then when you encounter an anger-inducing situation, the programming will click in. Chances are, a firmly stated reaction will be more powerful than an angry response, which will always generate resentment in the other person.

6. Running is a Tibetan cure for anger. You might want to try it.

If you’re in an office, rush up and down the stairs. If you’re at home, run around the house or around the block. Exertion requires more oxygen. When your breathing changes, your thought patterns also change.

And if you can’t run, do some deep breathing. Take a deep breath and hold it as long as you comfortably can, then let it out slowly through slightly parted teeth (this allows you to retain the moisture in your mouth), and when the breath is all the way out, contract your stomach muscles and push it further out and further out. Then repeat the process. A few minutes of this breathing is extremely relaxing and will defeat immediate anger.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the idea is to learn to control your anger or it will control you. To think that you are victim of your own emotions diminishes the powerful being that you are. You have the power and ability to create your thoughts and emotions. It all starts with awareness and action.

Could Your Problem Be From a Past Life?

September 28, 2014

By Dick Sutphen

Do you have problems in your life for which you can find no cause? For example, maybe you have been overweight all of your life, but no amount of dieting or exercise can help you lose the weight. Perhaps your problem is not from this life, but instead, another one that you may have lived.

I understand that many people are skeptical of reincarnation. We live in a mostly Christian culture, and accepting past lives is not part of that belief system. And I’m not here to convince you one way or another – you have to make up your own mind. But what I do want to do is to open up your mind to the possibility.

I have been conducting research on past lives  since the 1970s. I have written many books that document how investigating someone’s past lives has directly impacted their current life and made it better. In this article, I’m going to share two stories with you that demonstrate what I am talking about.

A female therapist in her early forties told me she had been sexually molested by four different adult males by the time she was six years old.

Before we began the past life hypnotic regression session, I knew we were going to be exploring some painful memories. As it turned out, the woman had been punishing herself as a molestation victim for 16 lifetimes. When we explored the cause, she vividly perceived herself as a male pedophile who relentlessly stalked young boys. “I can’t help myself,” he said. Eventually he killed one of the boys to protect himself.

Cause and effect — 16 lifetimes of self-punishment in an attempt to resolve the guilt. Nothing carries over from one life to the next like guilt.

It is my belief that it is not God or the Lords of Karma that punish us. You alone are your own judge and jury. Thousands of years may pass, but if you still feel guilty, you may continue to seek absolution through “eye for an eye” experiences.

In this case, I directed some cathartic forgiving and releasing. My subject cried and cried out. A room full of professional therapists observed, engrossed in the process. When the woman had sincerely forgiven herself and everyone else involved, I felt she had broken the chain of cause and effect and will not need to reincarnate as a victim again.

In another recent case, I hypnotized an extremely overweight woman in her mid-thirties. She had tried to lose the weight a dozen different ways, but always put the pounds right back on.

Deep in an altered state of consciousness, I directed her to go back to the cause of her weight problem, wherever it might be (this life or a past life). Stepping out of the time tunnel, she immediately began to describe her life as a harem girl to a nomadic desert chieftain. Seven women serviced the man’s needs. When visited by other leaders, the women were sometimes shared sexually with the visitors.

My client said she was the prettiest and youngest, so was in most demand. She enjoyed the sex and the lifestyle, until a time when she was loaned to visitors who hurt her badly. After that, she did not want to be chosen. She began to eat excessively. When very heavy, she was no longer the favorite and seldom had to perform sexually. “The pounds protect me,” she said.

Today, she is still using the pounds to protect her. Deep in trance, she relived being nearly raped in this life by a high school date. Shortly after the incident, she began to gain weight.

I directed an intense releasing process and laid the groundwork for reprogramming. In her daily meditation she now says, “I know the cause and I release the effect. I no longer need to physically protect myself with excess weight, so I lose pounds and stabilize at 130. I feel safe and content at this weight.”

She started off weighing 190. I received an e-mail last week saying, “Richard, I’ve already lost 35 pounds. Thank you, thank you.”

Like I said, I am not here to try to convince you that reincarnation is real. I never push beliefs on anyone. However, what I can tell you is that I have worked with people like these for decades, and the changes are real. I’m not suggesting that everyone should now run out and seek a past life regression to solve their problems, but I hope that I have at least opened your mind to the possibility that reincarnation just might be real.