The Essence of Being a Woman

By Anisha Joshi

For many years of my life so far, I was a tom boy. The reason was obvious. I grew up in a patriarchal society where I was supposed to reach home by 8 p.m., but the boys of my age went out at that time. Moreover, all the news and media coverage about the atrocities against women, shook me. I used to hate men because I felt they can do almost anything anytime.

Gradually, things started changing. I moved out of my native place. I met people. My perceptions changed. I changed. I started taking charge of my life. I started learning the art of keeping my emotions under my control. I started loving myself a bit more because I am a woman. I realized what an amazing thing it is to be feminine and yet strong at the same time. I started supporting feminist thoughts.

I still remember, on a random train journey, I met a guy who was excited about organizing a Pink Panther race for women. Women being the CEOs, being the pilots, operating huge machines, writing award-winning novels, raising voices against them, while being the mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, and much more. So, I have my own reasons for being super happy and super proud that I am a woman.

On this International Women’s Day, I want to write a few lines for every beautiful lady out there:

Being a woman,
You are strong
You are able
You are beautiful
You are eternally pure
You are glory
You are grace
You are elegance
You are natural
You are untouched
You are pure
You are the power
You are the smile
You are love
You are life
You create history
You add colors
You add mind-blowing mysteries
You add the walks and talks
You are perfect
You are complete

Just as strong and pious as Mother Mary
Just as perfect as Goddess Durga

You are complete within yourself.
You don’t need anyone to complete your existence.
But, someone needs you to complete his existence.

I personally adore the way Hindu Mythology has depicted Goddess Durga – open hair, wearing sari, jewelry – the feminine aspects, alongside the strength and ability to stand and rectify the wrong – holding a head of demon with dropping blood. This is the real woman – the one who is strong enough to face anything. The one who is independent, the one who has the confidence in herself and lives her life the way she wants. Yet she cares for her family, she loves her near and dear ones. The beauty of being a woman is this essence of being complete.

Happy Woman’s Day!!

Let’s cherish the existence of women, not just today but every day.
Let’s begin a new beginning, where women are seen with respect and complete perfection each day.

Cheers to all the women.
Cheers to all the men who read this.

11 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

By Anisha Joshi

Confidence – a personality trait that each one of us aspires to have, but very few people actually possess. Most of the people develop their confidence with the passing time because they need to be confident in every task they do and thought they have. You want to buy/sell the shares of a particular company; you want to propose someone; you want to give the perfect presentation – it all requires the confidence. Wearing branded clothes or driving a fancy car can’t make you feel confident. Confidence is the attitude; it’s all about how you feel about yourself. People will criticize you for various reasons, and not everyone will support you. But you need to know that you have the power within you to boost your confidence with these 11 ways:

1. Wear comfortable and clean clothes

Your first impression is the last impression. Hence, your clothes say a lot about you – even before you open your mouth to speak. It is important to wear clean & comfortable clothes. This will allow you to take away your attention from your own appearance – which can be a major distraction. As a result, you will be able to focus on your discussions and will appear confident. When you are totally involved in doing something, low self-esteem vanishes and your confidence is boosted.

2. Sit straight and show your confidence

Take a look at the videos of all successful public speakers. Notice them and their gestures. They all are comfortable while speaking and show an outstanding confidence. Their gestures, facial expressions, straight posture, and everything else depicts their confidence. Start with sitting/standing with your spine erect. Gradually, work on your gestures and facial expressions. You, too, can do it.

3. Be yourself

Be yourself. Because each of us is unique. You look the best when you are “you.” It is wrong to compare yourself because “you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.” Being yourself, you will realize you are special and unique. When you realize you are special, you automatically become confident. Love yourself for who you are

4. Give time to your passion

Your passion is a creative action that you love doing. When you are spending time on your passion you “feel complete.” This feeling makes you confident. You enjoy your own company, you appreciate your existence, and you do have a reason to be confident.

5. Respect and care for your own body

The reason why most people don’t feel confident is because of their physical appearance and ailments. Everybody wants a beautiful and healthy body, and it is a major factor in boosting your confidence. Hang a photo of the super star, like whom you aspire to be. Seeing her/him everyday will motivate you to wake up a bit earlier and work upon your body. Take care!!

6. Use optimism & positive affirmations

The thoughts and affirmations in which you tell yourself hold the highest importance. So, instead of saying “I can’t do it,” say ” I will give my 100% and I will do my best.” Instead of feeling “Life is of no use,” say “Life can be made amazing , I too can be happy, because there are many people who are happy living an amazing life. I need to discover my dream and paint my own life.” There is so much to say about being positive, but the whole crux is: Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.

7. Be in the company of confident people

You become like the people around you. Surrounding yourself with confident people makes you feel that attitude for being confident. You don’t need an specific amount of bank balance, or a certain quality of education, or a branded outfit to boost your confidence. You just need to feel it. Watch people who are confident and learn from them: you will get your piece of inspiration from that group of people around you.

8. Talk to those people in your life who believe in you

Confidence is all about believing yourself. There are times when all concepts of self-motivation fail, but when someone else counts our “qualities” to us, we feel better. So there must be a few people in life who love us and believe in us. Have such people and treasure them.

9. Count the successes you have achieved earlier in your life

We are born. We learn the ways of life. We learn to walk while being toddlers. We learn to eat by ourselves when we are in play group. We learn to read and write in 1st grade. And life keeps on moving – each year we have something to applaud about our own live. But with all the hustle & bustle, and glistening shadows of life, we forget our own achievements. It may be school grades, appreciation certificates, appraisals at office, or we may have helped someone while crossing the road, or be the reason for someone’s smile. There are so many things that can be counted under the list of achievements – materialistic, physical, spiritual, emotional or social level.

10. Smile: fake it, till you make it

A smile is a sure sign of a confident personality. Smile a while. Let it spread a mile. Let it be the reason for another smiles. Very soon it will become your own nature.

11. Believe in the higher power

Call him God, Angels, Prophet, Energy or anything as per your religious customs. But there is a higher power, which always protects you and has always taken care of you and will continue doing the same. Believe in this higher power is like a backbone to confidence. Anything can fail but a strong faith that someone is there to help you out will always boost your confidence.


You Say You are ‘Spiritual’ … But What Does That Mean?

By Anisha Joshi

Spirituality – the most used word when someone’s “Inward Journey” begins. The word that has trillions of definitions. The word that has its origin of millions of philosophies. And the word that is the theme of this article.

My quest to discover and define myself lead me through various philosophies and books. Many quotes written by various people from all over the world have shaped my perception. Many workshops have molded my intellect. Many people and their beautiful smile inspired me to dwell into the spiritual world. However, that doesn’t mean I am detached from materialistic things. I believe there is no harm in traveling within the comforts of a BMW, but I know that my happiness is not dependent on that BMW. I have started valuing my happiness and saving my smile.

It doesn’t matter whether you are from Australia or from Africa; everyone is searching for bliss & happiness. People are running after success & money. When they get tired, they run after the spiritual practices. And sometimes, they run from one philosophy to another. And then one fine day, life ends the running. Is life meant to search and run? Or is leaving all the pleasures of life the way out?

No, certainly not. Both of the ways are not perfect. In fact, life is meant to be enjoyed and we should celebrate our own existence. Life is meant to identify the purpose of our birth and then work towards it. Life is meant to be like Santa Claus wants it to be – distributing smiles & positivity to everyone. We don’t need to do anything big. We just need to take care of our own smile and make it so beautiful that everyone who sees us smiling is inspired to smile. 

We only get one life to live. And we need to live it in the best possible way. We deserve to be happy and enjoy the privileges that we naturally have as human beings.

The above definition of life is something that I have realized with my own spiritual practices. I find problems around me. I find unsatisfied people. I have materialistic ambitions. I do have emotions. But I am also a human being, and so is everyone who is practicing spirituality. The only difference between the spiritual people and non-spiritual people is that the former ones have added another dimension to their existence and know that they are a part of the whole cosmos and are infinite. They know they are free and deserve the best. They will get that which is the best for them.

However, the second category people are the ones who feel they are only limited to physical, emotional, and materialistic dimensions. They feel they are limited and bounded to the circumstances. They need to get what they want, otherwise they can’t be happy. The truth is that life is so much fun and beautiful when we know that we are on earth to work toward a cause, and that someone is there to take care of everything in our life (call it Universe/God/Higher Self/Supreme Power).

The solution lies in understanding life. Spirituality makes it easy. And it is important to acknowledge two things. First, there may be different concepts related to spiritual practices, but the goals are the same: (1) to be happy & make others happy (2) to be inspired & inspire others and to be abundant & help others in being the same. The purpose is to achieve your dreams and then help others achieve the same. Second, all the spiritual perceptions are based on a single theme: We are all one; we are all the part of the same consciousness. This higher consciousness is called God/Universe/Energy. We are all the extensions of the same energy. We are same from inside and even the material through which we function (our body) has the same elements (organs and biological systems). The only difference is that of the outer covering (dress/language/culture/society, etc.). Hence, the very essence of being spiritual is this realization of “one world family.”

10 Reasons Why Women Need To Have Inner Strength

By Anisha Joshi

Being a woman in the 21st century isn’t always easy. People gaze you, they judge you, they weaken you, they criticize you, and can even make you feel guilty for your own existence. But it is you who needs to define yourself. Your power lies in being a woman who is so internally strong that nothing can break her.

Being a woman is all about being responsible – being responsible for how people perceive you. It is not defined by the clothes you wear, but how you wear your own attitude. Yes, you got it … the right ATTITUDE is the word that needs to be defined from your own perspective. If you think you are strong, you truly become so. The inner strength is the most important attribute that you must have. It is your life, and you are the Royal Mistress who has every right to live your life the way you want. Nothing can stop you from being the woman you want to be.

Here are 10 reasons why women need to have inner strength:

1. People will say things about you – you just can’t stop them.

My grandmother reminds me of a popular cliché: “If a woman walks fast, they say she a procrastinator. And if a woman walks slowly, they say she walks as if she has no energy and enthusiasm.” Hence, people will always say something about you. Whether you pay attention to compliments or take the criticism constructively, it is all your choice. The truth is you can’t change the people. But you also don’t need to change yourself. You just need to be strong enough to ignore their perceptions and move ahead in life. Ignore a few things, accept certain constructive criticisms ,and follow your joy.

2. Situations and circumstances will not always be in your favor.

There will be situations in life which you detest. After working very hard, you may not always get the desired results. Don’t be disheartened. Continue your life’s journey with a smile and remind yourself that “even this will pass.” Just stay strong when things are not in favor.

3. People of opposite values may often be your family members/office colleagues.

You may hate onion pizzas, but the person who is right next to you in the office may order them daily for his lunch. Should you be irritated and complain daily?? No, certainly not. You need to adjust. This trait of adjusting to people comes only when you are internally strong. People who cherish the happiest relationships are the ones who are flexible and internally strong.

4. Every man will define you differently, so stay intact with your own definition.

A guy at school called “Miss G.” fat. Another guy at college called her a geek. There was a person in the office who felt she was stubborn. Can you imagine the plight of such a woman if she allows herself to be influenced by everyone’s opinions?? Certainly she will be declared mentally unfit. You just can’t be a football for others’ opinions. You must have the clarity regarding who you are. If you know yourself, you will stay intact with your own definition.

5. Gender bias or the taboos of the society can’t be the reason for your failure in life.

Oprah Winfrey had to bear sexual atrocities in her early days. She was rejected in auditions. But this didn’t stop her. She did all that she could and tried again. Today, I am quoting her as an inspiration for you. Every woman has some set of limitations gifted to her by the society, family or maybe even religion, but those limitations are so small when the sky is the limit.

6. You need to be yourself – unique and special the way you are.

Over a period of time, people will come into your life and will try to change your beliefs just for their sake. There will be emotional or social blackmails too, but you must accept and embrace yourself. You must learn to celebrate your existence. Love yourself so much that nothing in the world can make you feel inferior. If you love yourself, you start loving your life, too.

7. There will be times in life when you will be standing alone.

Sometimes, the toughest battles of life are fought alone. Only these battles provide you with strength. You may have to overcome a financial crisis or may have to move ahead with your ambitions. Just fight your battle with valour, even if you are alone. If it is required, God will send an angel, but you need to be strong. Be fearless.

8. Unexpected and unprecedented results may be deprived from your consolidated and confident actions.

Life is an unexpected and unprecedented tale. Do you ever enjoy watching a movie if you already know the story? In fact, many people don’t even watch a thriller if the end is known to them. Same is the case with life. Life is a thriller, tragedy, romantic tale with many emotions. Have an open mind and an open heart too, to accept the results. This is the true beauty of life … you can predict and expect everything!!

9. You need to stay strong if a relationship doesn’t work and then collapses.

A person either enters your life to stay there or to teach you a lesson. It is perfectly fine and normal to misunderstand a person. If you happen to do so, you aren’t the only one. But take care of yourself. Go and throw a “break up party” and welcome your single status with pride because the past relationship has made you mature – and you have a new life lesson. Isn’t that a great thing?

10. You are beyond this body, name, and position – you are an eternal energy.

Yes, that is the ultimate truth about your life. So there isn’t any point in being in fear. The quantum physics has proved that our thoughts too, are vibrations and have a frequency. You have the power to create your life. Be the creator of your future. You can create only when you have the clarity of thoughts. You have the clarity of vision when you are internally strong.