Discover The Power Of Acceptance

By Alice McCall

All of us have had disappointments in our lives. We have worked hard for something that just didn’t happen – like a promotion, or a job offer. Many of us have had an unforeseen event or accident occur that renders us helpless.

When you are faced with a life experience that isn’t what you expected, consider the power of acceptance. That’s right, plain old ‘acceptance’.

It is easy to accept life when everything goes your way, but most of us tend to resist when the tide shifts, therefore not accepting things as they really are.  Often the most powerful life lessons come from these times. You learn about yourself, what you are capable of, and what you have to offer others.  Remember, everything is in perfect working order from your soul’s perspective.  Since you do not have that perspective, it is best to accept the moment and let go of your expectations.

You may think that things are not working, because it is not what you had planned or expected. You then complicate the process by resisting – due to the expectations that you have created.

You may feel that if you are good and follow your truths that nothing bad will happen. You then can feel frustrated and betrayed when ‘bad’ things happen. I’d like to offer another perspective. There are no bad experiences. What appears bad is only the result of your perceptions and classifications about a situation at a particular moment in time.

Have you ever looked back on a so-called ‘bad experience’, only to see that a new direction followed? This experience probably changed your path, creating something that was so much better for you.  It is not easy for us to recognize the bigger picture in the moment, but our soul can. Remember everything that at first appears bad, always has a gift inside for you.

You may also feel as if you have been ‘stopped’ from moving forward. Your progression probably isn’t halted but rather, you are finding a new direction.

As your soul grows and evolves there are always ‘tests of faith’. These can often feel like a struggle, however, to your soul it is an advancement, which you often complicate by resisting. As easy as it is to fall into a pattern of resisting or getting upset, it won’t change the situation. So, why not switch that pattern and support your soul’s advancement through acceptance.

Here is a message that I received in a meditation the last time I was faced with a ‘why me’ experience which was leaving me angry and in despair… “Do not be hurt or angry when your soul is following its natural course of direction.”

Therefore, when things are not going your way, let it be so. But how? How do you find acceptance?

First: Surrender the need to change it.  Surrender the need to question it. Surrender the expectation of how it should be. Surrender the need to ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Just accept that this is what is supposed to be happening right now.

Second: Quiet yourself. All answers come to a quiet, harmonious mind.  Peace comes to you when you accept it. Peace cannot be forced or willed, it must be experienced. Wealth in all forms comes easily when you acknowledge, accept, and appreciate all that you have been given. Accept your plight as an opportunity to learn and move forward. Do not view it as an obstacle. See the opportunities in your available directions, and accept them as they are.

Third: Release the need and frustration of what it is not available at this time. Let go of what is not working and move forward. Do not dwell on what you are leaving behind, if you do, it will only hinder your new opportunities. Remember the future is always greater than the past.

A great exercise to help you visualize and release attachments is to see each thing or thought inside a balloon. Focus in on the color, the size, and even the shape of each balloon. Then see your hand holding the strings. Slowly release each balloon, watching them fade away into a cloudless blue sky.

My final word on the topic of acceptance is to allow the process of your life to unfold gracefully. Acceptance allows this to happen. Choose acceptance and you will receive the gift of all that is suppose to be!

Is Your Way Of Thinking Aligned With Lack or Abundance?

By Alice McCall

Are you holding on to foundational thoughts of lack? If someone asked me that question a year ago, I would have said, “Of course not! My intentions are positive, and I trust the power of my own manifestation.”

What caught me by surprise over the last year was the discovery that deep within me, I was holding onto ‘lack thinking’. We all know that this can create the opposite of what we desire and deserve!

Let’s play out a few examples:

My thoughts about support:

My intentions were that my life flows easily and effortlessly – that all the support I need is available to me. I believed it. I knew it was true. But one day I caught myself saying to someone – (not a premeditated conscience thought) – “I always have to work hard for everything in my life.”

In an instant, I realized that I have carried around this thought for years! It had become a part of the energetic fabric of me. It had become a foundational thought for me and my life. I quickly went to work to shift that thinking on all levels.

My thoughts about time:

My intentions were that I had a peaceful flow to my life where I was centered and balanced. Then one day, I found myself saying, “I can’t keep up. There is not enough time!” Wow! Where did that come from?

In exploring this, it appears that my ‘not enough’ thinking has become a norm in our society. There is not enough time, not enough money, not enough love, not enough caring, and not enough understanding. We are a ‘not enough’ society, and this mass consciousness creates and recreates our world. The result is a behavior to hurry up and get as much as you can, before someone else takes the little bit that there is. In truth, there is more than enough for everyone.

It occurred to me recently that my local economy is so linked to Real Estate buying and selling. It is a foundational thought of everyone right now that there are not enough buyers. As a community we have ‘lack thinking’ as part of our fabric! I wonder what would happen if we all collectively shifted our own thinking to: “There are many buyers of real estate who have the money and the motivation to purchase in our area.”

Bottom line, the universe reacts to all thoughts. If you are holding on to lack thinking subconsciously, while manifesting with positive intentions, you are sending mixed messages!

I have recently structured an abundance workshop that has two distinct parts: (1) Shifting your lack thinking and (2) manifesting the life you desire. I believe the process of getting rid of the old before bringing in the new is extremely important. Especially, if the old is working contrary to your positive purpose!

No one is immune to ‘lack thinking’. What’s yours? What is so integrated into the fabric of you, that you are not even aware of it?

Spiritual Ascension In A Toxic World

Spiritually, everyone wants to ascend to the highest level. In order to get there, we have to recognize the blockages that hold us back and know how to stay healthy in our increasingly toxic environment. Neither are easy to accomplish, but with the proper tools and guidance you can carve a path to spiritual ascension.

The primary factor that prevents us from attaining spiritual growth is ourselves. We can be greatly hindered by our ego-based, habit way of being along with the density from negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns. Unresolved emotional density in the cells of our body and in our subconscious prevents lighter energies (love, light, peace, and joy) from being an ongoing part of our existence. Yet, to achieve full spiritual growth and to attain ascension, we have to become one with the higher vibrating energies of love, peace, joy, and light.

To achieve a higher vibratory state, intimate inner-work must happen to locate and transmute the hindering habits, patterns, and density. Assistance from a professional healing facilitator is highly recommended. There is absolutely no way to ascend to your full spiritual potential without this important work.

One of my spiritual healing partners, St Germain, says that ‘spiritual ascension requires an ongoing commitment to transmute our own buried, unresolved density from this and other lifetimes’. Not only is this the path to spiritual ascension, but it is the path of spectacular health and anti-aging benefits. In my own life, I used this process to heal my diagnosis of breast cancer without medical intervention, and have helped many others overcome their health issues.

Committing to an ongoing practice of transmuting your density, including mastering your thoughts and emotions, is needed for spiritual ascension. It is a conscious choice that requires commitment. However, even when we are fully committed to embracing higher vibrating energies there can be limiting forces inhibiting our path. The biggest limitation is our toxic environment; the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the liquids we drink. These toxins can affect our ability to keep ourselves within the higher vibrational energies.

How can we combat a toxic environment and prevent it from interfering with our ascension?

As we experience higher vibrations, foods that have long been a part of our diet may begin to affect us differently. A newfound intolerance for gluten or wheat and an increased inability to process sugar are common for those on this path. It is hard for higher vibrating energies to co-exist with the heaviness and agitation of these foods, so it is best to eliminate them from our diets.

The same is true of lower vibrating acidic foods, like meat and dairy. To assist with holding onto higher vibrations and to maintain our health – focus on eating vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, and healthy grains (quinoa, millet, and brown rice). Add trace minerals and foods that are high in electrolytes like coconut water to further boost our vibratory state. All of these foods encourage both spiritual and physical health.

We can further support our ascension by eating seaweed and miso. Varieties of seaweed, including kelp and spirulina, as well as miso help counteract and release toxins like radiation.

Consciously hold onto or become the energies of love, peace, and joy to powerfully combat environmental toxins. Serious environmental toxins, like radiation, nuclear fall-out, and food contamination, can be more easily addressed when we are holding onto a higher frequency. The vibration of love is the highest energy frequency and has the ability to offset the vibration of nearly anything else. It takes commitment, practice, and mastery to hold onto and become the energy of love each day – but it brings amazing health benefits including a sense of peace and balance.

Spiritual ascension is achieved when we eliminate and transform the toxins inside of us (our thoughts and emotions) and the toxins from our environment (food, water, and air). Consciously replacing them with higher vibrating thoughts, emotions, food, and water maintains the desired vibratory level each and every day – propelling you towards maximum spiritual growth.

You are Spirit

By Alice McCall

Powerful, sleek, light of being, grounded, and yet free – those are the spirits that I see moving across the sky. Their force is undeniable. Their beauty, their sensuality, is intact and in place. How awesome, how incredible, and how right it is!

How did we get here?  Here, in our bodies? Why can’t we be the free, powerful, awesome energy that floats in harmony with the Universe?

It is because we signed up for this mission, even though we may not remember doing it. We signed up for the mission of being constrained by our bodies, but living a life free in spirit. This is not easy. Why would we do that?

When our spirit was free, it was easy to say, ‘yes, I can do that!’ Now, in human form, we face a huge challenge – but also an opportunity. How do we strike the balance between body and spirit – between earthly things and spiritual knowing?  How do we co-exist between the two worlds?

For each of us it is different – a different path or a different journey. The best place to start is by being true to you, to yourself, to your heart, and to your soul. This will help you uncover your true purpose for being in this physical form. This is an important discovery, as no two purposes are exactly the same. Listen to your inner self and be open to the answers it delivers.

I have so many clients who are interested in finding their path, their mission, or their purpose. We are all seeking answers. Even though it seems overwhelming, the answer simply lies within you. Facilitating my clients to discover from deep within themselves what their life’s purpose is – is something I really enjoy doing. However, the reality is that each of you can also find your truth. With an ongoing practice of meditation, your ability to connect with your inner wisdom will blossom. How you spend your time is your choice.  If you choose to take the time to be with your innermost self and listen to it on an ongoing basis, you will be rewarded.

How do you achieve the ability to live life freely in spirit while being constrained by your human body? By mastering your mind and emotions! You cannot live freely in spirit when your mind and emotions run the show. You have to choose things, people, activities, thoughts, and emotions that bring your body and spirit into balance.  Living in spiritual balance does take practice, but it is something definitely worth striving for.

As you look at the evening sky tonight, visualize your spirits floating through the clouds and sky.  Which ones do you identify with? Which ones inspire you to be all that you can be? Let that one, higher calling of your true spiritual self to enter your being. Allow yourself to become one with who you really are – Spirit!

“I am a Divine, Empowered, Spiritual Being. It is so!”