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Think You Know What Karma Is? Maybe You Don’t …

By Dick Sutphen

There is a metaphysical axiom that says, “Man always follows the highest path for which he is really certain.” Most likely, you are following the highest path of which you are really certain … and the result is your current life, just the way it is. If your life isn’t the way you want it to be, suspend your beliefs for a few minutes and explore with an open mind:


1. NO PATH: This path is best expressed in poet William Blake’s words: “The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” Those on this path eventually, through experience and pain, will perceive what has value and what doesn’t. Those on this path judge everything from a perspective of self, and often they have difficulty judging what action will result in harmony as opposed to disharmony. The No Path people appear to have little sense of balance and are usually unwilling to accept responsibility for their own lives.

2. BEGINNING PATH: These people are more responsible, but they enjoy having things “handed” to them. They want everything done “their way” and are materialistic and pleasure oriented. Chances are, those on the Beginning Path will be unlikely to have much interest in anything they can’t eat, touch or enjoy.

3. INTERMEDIATE PATH: Those on this path are beginning to realize that there is an alternate reality. They might become interested in spiritual matters, but tend to be drawn to dogmatic thinking. While they are less “self” oriented, they usually remain very materialistic and pleasure centered.

4. BALANCED PATH: Those on this path have an awareness of karma and carefully consider their actions because they are aware of the ramifications. They are beginning to comprehend unconditional love and seek to detach from the standard illusions about reality. They begin to recognize that llife can be experienced as a hostile separateness or a tranquil oneness. Those on the Balanced Path don’t repress their natural urges but refrain from excess.

5. HARMONIOUS PATH: These people require their outer life to be in harmony with their inner beliefs. They “live” their spiritual and self-actualized philosophy. They are beginning to incorporate unconditional love/acceptance into their lives and have risen above blame and judgment. They accept “what is” and are well on the road to developing “detached mind.” Most of those on this path practice meditation in some form.

6. FORCE-OF-WILL PATH: This path incorporates extreme discipline. It is the path of those in Zen monasteries, Yoga devotees and some priests … plus many others who center their lives around their spiritual faith. For many, this means extreme dietary practices and celibacy. The argument for following this path is that it is a rapid way to advance spiritually. The primary argument against this path is that it is undesirable to “drop out” of the “real” world and to repress your natural urges and desires, for in doing so, they will increase in intensity. Even if you manifest the self-discipline to deal with them in this life, you may generate a “karmic charge” that will have to be dealt with in a future life.

7. BODHISATTVA PATH: Those on this path are beyond seeking. They are truly “in the world, but not of it.” Only those who are highly evolved are capable of walking this path. They are living examples of “detached mind” and are dedicated to assisting others to find their way out of the darkness and into the spiritual light.


How To Stop Trying To Control Outcomes

By Dick Sutphen

When you live with expectations and desires, it follows you want to control outcomes. You want things to unfold in your favor. But you can’t control outcomes in life. The best you can hope to do is increase the odds through wisdom.

If you’re desiring a particular outcome, step back and ask yourself, “What’s the fear associated with the outcome?”

Explore the fear, including the worst that might happen if things did not turn out in your favor. If you’re committed to an outcome, the fear will be related to loss: The loss of love, loss of control, loss of finances, or the loss of self-esteem. Which applies to your situation?

Then ask yourself, “What if I could take the fear out of my desire?”

If there were no fear, the outcome would not matter. Logical.

So we’re back to resolving fear, a subject I write about a lot, because I’m working on it all the time.

As New Agers, we believe we can create our own reality, and I know this to be true, when we’re talking about finding happiness and fulfillment and living an abundant life. Reality is created by the way we view and accept what is. But don’t confuse this with controlling outcomes that in any way effect other people.

In other words, if you want if you want Leigh to fall in love with you, that is not within your power to control, no matter how many mind-programming CDs you use. The same is true with winning the pageant, getting your book accepted by a major publisher, or desiring a beautiful sunset.

Expectations and the desire to control do not work. Both are fear-based emotions, which we incarnated to rise above.

Many New Agers believe in controlling their thoughts. But it can’t be done. You can catch yourself when you’re thinking negative. You can use thought-stopping techniques which condition you, over time, to reduce fearful thinking. But out-and-out control of your thoughts isn’t an option.

What you can control is your behavior–your actions.

Mystics have always said a wise seeker learns to live without desire. Easier said than done. Probably not going to happen in this lifetime, but finding a self-actualized balance seems to me a worthy goal.

I Love U More: A Grieving Mother’s Journey

By Kelli Kooken

I was hoping that my anger had subsided, I was wrong. I looked through my phone and saw this text exchange and rage seemed to form inside of me. Why? Why? Why? One year ago at this exact moment my world was complete … Sky was home “pooping in private” (and no doubt laying on the couch, renting a movie and eating mac n’ cheese). I hadn’t yet had to answer that fateful 4:30 a.m. call and knock at the door. I had yet to be haunted by images, by reality, and by death. I was warned that these days leading up to the anniversary would be difficult, but I didn’t quite believe it. I mean in reality how could anything get any harder regarding all of this?

There has been a lot of reflecting these last several days and I’m in shock that a year has already nearly passed without the 3 of them here with all of us. My home went from a revolving door of friends and family to a very quiet home. Sky’s room sits empty too many days and it breaks my heart to walk by and see no activity, no disturbance of her things. I find myself getting angry … angry that others get to move forward. I get angry when I hear so many people complaining about insignificant things in life. I could only pray and beg that we had little things to sweat. I’d give anything, anything at all to have something else to complain about.

The tragic and sudden death of a child will put everything quickly into perspective. And I mean everything.

I wish I could write an inspiring and uplifting blog today. But the truth is I’m feeling so down, so angry, so lost, so sad, so broken, so damaged, and so overwhelmed with grief without Skylar. I wanted to write something today so that she is on everyone’s mind – that’s the greatest comfort I can find these days.

These next several days are going to be hell for all of us … as if we weren’t already living out our hell on earth. I know for me I will be sitting with my baby at 12:40am Monday morning knowing that one year ago at that moment she left us for her forever home. I know that at 4:30 a.m. on Monday I will be reliving that tragic morning, I know at 8 a.m. I will relive when it hit the media and the calls started rushing in. I know that the days following I will remember the numbness of meeting with our amazing funeral director, and the moment that I had to pick out Skylar’s very last outfit. I will be remembering the last moment I shared with her alone in the basement of the funeral home – smelling my angel’s hair and tracing the bruises on her beautiful face. I’ll be remembering the moment I walked into the church for her and Sophie’s dual viewing and seeing the 2 of them up on the stage like the angels that they are, hundreds of flowers surrounding them both. I will remember the 8 hours I stood on that stage next to her — not one time ever leaving her side in all of those hours. I will remember all of the tears shed and the hundreds and hundreds of people who wept at her side. I will remember all of the items placed in her casket with her from so many that loved her. I will remember leaving the church that evening and knowing that I would only get to see her one more time before her earthly body is taken from me forever. I will remember the beautiful service the next day and spending my last few moments alone with her before they closed her casket for good. Having to be pulled away … not wanting anyone else to share in that moment with me. I wanted to touch her hair forever and not let go of her hand. I will remember watching my brothers and Sky’s uncles carry her body out of that church and load her into the back of the limousine. I will remember that drive to the cemetery and seeing her and Sophie side by side and Jules just a few feet away.

I will remember when my world went silent …

But I assure you I will also remember every moment that I shared with Sky. I will let my mind, body, and soul relive this last year as part of my healing and then I will pray to my God to comfort me, wrap me in peace, and help me focus on all that I shared with her. And I pray that for all who loved Sky, Soph, and Jules. I pray that we focus on all of our memories and live the rest of our days in honor of them.

Thank you for your continued prayers and kind words, they never go unnoticed.

I love you more Skylar, Sophie &,  Julianna …

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You Say You are ‘Spiritual’ … But What Does That Mean?

By Anisha Joshi

Spirituality – the most used word when someone’s “Inward Journey” begins. The word that has trillions of definitions. The word that has its origin of millions of philosophies. And the word that is the theme of this article.

My quest to discover and define myself lead me through various philosophies and books. Many quotes written by various people from all over the world have shaped my perception. Many workshops have molded my intellect. Many people and their beautiful smile inspired me to dwell into the spiritual world. However, that doesn’t mean I am detached from materialistic things. I believe there is no harm in traveling within the comforts of a BMW, but I know that my happiness is not dependent on that BMW. I have started valuing my happiness and saving my smile.

It doesn’t matter whether you are from Australia or from Africa; everyone is searching for bliss & happiness. People are running after success & money. When they get tired, they run after the spiritual practices. And sometimes, they run from one philosophy to another. And then one fine day, life ends the running. Is life meant to search and run? Or is leaving all the pleasures of life the way out?

No, certainly not. Both of the ways are not perfect. In fact, life is meant to be enjoyed and we should celebrate our own existence. Life is meant to identify the purpose of our birth and then work towards it. Life is meant to be like Santa Claus wants it to be – distributing smiles & positivity to everyone. We don’t need to do anything big. We just need to take care of our own smile and make it so beautiful that everyone who sees us smiling is inspired to smile. 

We only get one life to live. And we need to live it in the best possible way. We deserve to be happy and enjoy the privileges that we naturally have as human beings.

The above definition of life is something that I have realized with my own spiritual practices. I find problems around me. I find unsatisfied people. I have materialistic ambitions. I do have emotions. But I am also a human being, and so is everyone who is practicing spirituality. The only difference between the spiritual people and non-spiritual people is that the former ones have added another dimension to their existence and know that they are a part of the whole cosmos and are infinite. They know they are free and deserve the best. They will get that which is the best for them.

However, the second category people are the ones who feel they are only limited to physical, emotional, and materialistic dimensions. They feel they are limited and bounded to the circumstances. They need to get what they want, otherwise they can’t be happy. The truth is that life is so much fun and beautiful when we know that we are on earth to work toward a cause, and that someone is there to take care of everything in our life (call it Universe/God/Higher Self/Supreme Power).

The solution lies in understanding life. Spirituality makes it easy. And it is important to acknowledge two things. First, there may be different concepts related to spiritual practices, but the goals are the same: (1) to be happy & make others happy (2) to be inspired & inspire others and to be abundant & help others in being the same. The purpose is to achieve your dreams and then help others achieve the same. Second, all the spiritual perceptions are based on a single theme: We are all one; we are all the part of the same consciousness. This higher consciousness is called God/Universe/Energy. We are all the extensions of the same energy. We are same from inside and even the material through which we function (our body) has the same elements (organs and biological systems). The only difference is that of the outer covering (dress/language/culture/society, etc.). Hence, the very essence of being spiritual is this realization of “one world family.”

Spiritual People Have Thicker Brains

By Dick Sutphen

People who are religious or spiritual have ‘thicker’ brains, which may protect them against depression, according to an article in the British publication Mail Online, Dec. 31, 2013.

“Our beliefs and our moods are reflected in our brain and with new imaging techniques we can begin to see this,” said Dr. Myrna Weissman, a professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at Columbia University. In a story reported in “Reuters Health,” Weissman described the study using people aged 18 to 54 who were asked how important religion or spirituality was to them and how often they attended religious services over a five-year period. (NOTE: These subjects were the children or grandchildren of people who participated in an earlier study about depression.)

Overall, the researchers found that the importance of religion or spirituality to an individual – but not church attendance – was tied to having a thicker cortex.

COULD IT BE that Spirit is protecting those of a religious or spiritual nature from depression projected by the dark side?

In another recent report of brain findings, sociopaths, and serial killers were found to have unique dark spots in their brains.

COULD IT BE that this is evidence of the dark side taking over the brains of an individual, causing them to become monsters?

My wife Roberta and I have seen a strong pattern in the people we work with as private clients; they know their life is not in order but are having a hard time finding their truth.

Dark spots in the mind are lies. They are self-criticism and all other negative thoughts that pass through us daily. According to my research negativity attracts earthbound entities and psychic attacks.

Furthermore, we have found that light workers (New Age or Religious) are often a target of dark forces, who work to fill the minds of positive people with negativity, worries, and fears. Life on earth is made up of the balance between light and dark where we learn how to rise above fears. Our lives are not meant to be all good but rather they are a series of tests. We all need reminders to continually seek the truth and surround ourselves in the White Light of Spirit.

Later this month, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of over 50 New Age books, including several titles on the Djinn, Shadow People, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians, and other dark entities will be returning to Sedona and staying with my wife Roberta and me. Do a search on Rosemary if you are interested in this concept.

Is Meeting Certain People A Part Of Your Destiny?

By Dick Sutphen

Destiny leads those who will. Those who won’t, it drags.

How much of my life is predestined? After years of research and writing in this field, it remains the number one unanswered question for me. I am, however, convinced the answer is different for everyone. I have no doubt we each set up this lifetime with a soul blueprint laying out key experiences and meetings with other people destined to join us on our earthly journey.

At the same time, we need to factor in free will.

I’m still trying to figure the free will/destiny aspects of a recent case that feels right out of the twilight zone.

At the International Federation of Hypnosis Conference in Long Beach, CA, I presented a workshop and during post-conference, trained professional hypnotists in past-life regression techniques.

One of the group sessions included a “Back-to-the-Cause Regression.” This session allows participants to find the cause of a problem wherever it began — in this life or a past life. During the follow-up discussion, a female participant (a practicing hypnotherapist) explained she went into hypnosis looking for the cause of her ongoing physical pain, which modern medicine has been unable to resolve.

The hypnotherapist explained that in regression all she saw was a little girl about seven years of age, standing looking out a window. The girl was terribly sad because her mother had died and her father had no time for her. She had no playmates. “She was so lonely,” my subject said.

She then asked me if I would individually regress her as a demonstration for the other participants. I agreed and proceeded to hypnotize and direct her back to the cause of the physical pain. She again saw the little girl and could not move past the images. I said a silent prayer asking for guidance. Intuitively, I realized the little girl was not my client in the past, she was another entity who was right here, right now.

I asked my subject to communicate with the girl. This worked and the girl said her name was Jessica. We discovered she had died at age 10 in terrible pain, which she evidently carried with her into spirit. “I don’t hurt when I’m in you,” she said.

My subject, a mother, evidently allowed Jessica to come in, and in so doing, she inadvertently took on the girl’s physical pain. Classic entity attachment. I don’t know how, when or why this happened. Entities can enter during times of depression, extended anger/negativity, an accident, or as a result of excessive use of drugs/alcohol. There are receptivity factors, which might include opening to an entity out of empathy.

I called in Jessica’s real mother, who asked her daughter to leave with her and go to the light. But Jessica was too fearful to leave my subject’s body. Eventually, I had all the other seminar participants come over and lay their hands upon my subject. I directed an intense energy build up, to the point we could feel the heat in the palms of our hands. “On the count of three we’ll all release the energy and Jessica this is going to force you out into your mother’s waiting arms. One, two, three.”

It worked. Jessica was forced out and left with her mother. My subject awakened with a surprised look on her face. Prior to this session, her hip had been hurting so bad she could barely sit in a chair. She stood up saying, “My hip doesn’t hurt. I feel so much better.”

Cause and effect. Wisdom erases karma.

Was my subject destined to express compassion to help the child and thus learn a powerful lesson? Was it some kind of karmic payback? I don’t know. This is either a random universe and there is no meaning to life, or there is some kind of plan. My life work tells me there is a plan, and the only plan that makes logical sense is karma.

Spiritual Ascension In A Toxic World

Spiritually, everyone wants to ascend to the highest level. In order to get there, we have to recognize the blockages that hold us back and know how to stay healthy in our increasingly toxic environment. Neither are easy to accomplish, but with the proper tools and guidance you can carve a path to spiritual ascension.

The primary factor that prevents us from attaining spiritual growth is ourselves. We can be greatly hindered by our ego-based, habit way of being along with the density from negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns. Unresolved emotional density in the cells of our body and in our subconscious prevents lighter energies (love, light, peace, and joy) from being an ongoing part of our existence. Yet, to achieve full spiritual growth and to attain ascension, we have to become one with the higher vibrating energies of love, peace, joy, and light.

To achieve a higher vibratory state, intimate inner-work must happen to locate and transmute the hindering habits, patterns, and density. Assistance from a professional healing facilitator is highly recommended. There is absolutely no way to ascend to your full spiritual potential without this important work.

One of my spiritual healing partners, St Germain, says that ‘spiritual ascension requires an ongoing commitment to transmute our own buried, unresolved density from this and other lifetimes’. Not only is this the path to spiritual ascension, but it is the path of spectacular health and anti-aging benefits. In my own life, I used this process to heal my diagnosis of breast cancer without medical intervention, and have helped many others overcome their health issues.

Committing to an ongoing practice of transmuting your density, including mastering your thoughts and emotions, is needed for spiritual ascension. It is a conscious choice that requires commitment. However, even when we are fully committed to embracing higher vibrating energies there can be limiting forces inhibiting our path. The biggest limitation is our toxic environment; the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the liquids we drink. These toxins can affect our ability to keep ourselves within the higher vibrational energies.

How can we combat a toxic environment and prevent it from interfering with our ascension?

As we experience higher vibrations, foods that have long been a part of our diet may begin to affect us differently. A newfound intolerance for gluten or wheat and an increased inability to process sugar are common for those on this path. It is hard for higher vibrating energies to co-exist with the heaviness and agitation of these foods, so it is best to eliminate them from our diets.

The same is true of lower vibrating acidic foods, like meat and dairy. To assist with holding onto higher vibrations and to maintain our health – focus on eating vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, and healthy grains (quinoa, millet, and brown rice). Add trace minerals and foods that are high in electrolytes like coconut water to further boost our vibratory state. All of these foods encourage both spiritual and physical health.

We can further support our ascension by eating seaweed and miso. Varieties of seaweed, including kelp and spirulina, as well as miso help counteract and release toxins like radiation.

Consciously hold onto or become the energies of love, peace, and joy to powerfully combat environmental toxins. Serious environmental toxins, like radiation, nuclear fall-out, and food contamination, can be more easily addressed when we are holding onto a higher frequency. The vibration of love is the highest energy frequency and has the ability to offset the vibration of nearly anything else. It takes commitment, practice, and mastery to hold onto and become the energy of love each day – but it brings amazing health benefits including a sense of peace and balance.

Spiritual ascension is achieved when we eliminate and transform the toxins inside of us (our thoughts and emotions) and the toxins from our environment (food, water, and air). Consciously replacing them with higher vibrating thoughts, emotions, food, and water maintains the desired vibratory level each and every day – propelling you towards maximum spiritual growth.

I Love U More: My Angel

By Kelli Kooken

(Editor’s Note: The following is a blog from written by Kelli Kooken about her journey through grief after the loss of her 16-year-old daughter, Skylar, in a car accident in November, 2012.)

26 days without you … I believe it is getting harder rather than easier.

I think in cases such as these, time does not heal. Time without you, Skylar, simply makes me ache for you more (as if that is even possible). I’ve thought a lot lately about the things people ask and say during times like these. And as most people realize, there just simply are NO words that can ease this pain. I’ve caught myself a few times answering “fine” to the question “how are you doing?” However, more often than not I answer truthfully and simply say “not good.”

I saw a pregnant friend of mine wearing a necklace at Skylar’s viewing that read “Due in March.” And I remarked that was such a cool idea – as a pregnant woman, you get asked a million times “when are you due?” It made me think that I wish I had a necklace, or a shirt, or flag, to wave that simply mentioned how I was feeling – or perhaps even warning people “back off, not a good day.”

I actually like that idea.

I’ve thought a lot today about all of the things Skylar will never get to experience, or what I won’t get to either with her. We were planning college visits for the fall, and Sky was adamant about Ohio State (where her dad and I attended) or Ohio University. Sky was definitely more set on OU, and I was pushing in the other direction (as a scared mom for that crazy party school, ha!). The realization that we will not get to experience those visits together has me utterly paralyzed with sadness. Also, the reality that Skylar will never get to have that college experience. There are a million things that I won’t get to see Skylar do and experience. And that realization alone is enough to bring me to my knees.

I then started thinking about all of the things in life that people take for granted (myself included). I know from November 4, 2012 on, my appreciation for even the smallest detail in life has changed. Of course, directly after an accident and tragedy of this magnitude, everyone says the same thing: “Hug your babies and loved ones extra tight tonight.”But I also see people forget that very soon and get busy with life again.

I pray that my blog gets read and shared so that others are reminded daily that the people in your life are what matters. Not the car you drive, the house you live in, the vacation you are taking, the job you hold, the promotion you are seeking. Just the people. Many times that realization comes way too late for people, and then their loved ones are already gone. Then they are left with a mound of guilt.

I loved my baby girl with all my heart and soul. And I love the relationship that we had, and the honesty and love that we shared. Sky was one special individual, and not just because she was my daughter – more so because she simply loved her family and friends and lived every day in the moment.

God blessed me with 4 precious babies. I know that it is my job to return them to Him some day. I never dreamed that I would have to return Skylar so soon in life, or even in my lifetime. But I thank Him for the 16 1/2 years he gave all of us with her.
“Though he brings grief, He will show compassion, so great is His unfailing love.”  – Lamentations 3:32

I Love U More: Lessons From a 16-Year-Old

By Kelli Kooken

Don’t think twice. It’s alright.”   – Bob Dylan

Today started out as a doozy for me. My alarm sounded at 6:05am to wake up my other daughter Lexy for school, and instantly my heart began racing and my mind was begging me not to start another day. Typically it’s at this hour that we would hear Skylar’s heavy footsteps running up the steps to beat Lexy to the shower (Skylar stomped like a Clydesdale throughout the house; it was the family joke). But today, the silence in the hallway was deafening to me. I instantly heard Skylar’s voice in my head saying nothing really specific but it was just the sweet sound of her…something I FEAR I will forget – her voice.

Before I went to bed last night, I decided to pull out the lock of hair that I had my funeral director cut for me. I had not had the nerve to look at it yet. Her hair was the one thing I held onto at the viewing and funeral because it still felt like her – unlike her body that was cold and stiff and so very hard for me to touch.

But her hair was still very much her. I looked at those locks last night and felt them between my fingers and I wept and ached like never before. It’s the only thing I have left of her in the physical sense – the one item that was a part of her humanly body form.

I then decided to finally Google the car accident that took my daughter’s life. Again, it was something I had yet to do. I didn’t even watch the news when all of this was happening. I can’t believe that the news of this accident hit the AP. I found it every where from The Huffington Post to The Washington Post to Seeing my child’s name and photo (along with her friends Sophia and Julianna) splattered on all of these sites and papers was again a surreal moment, and heart-shattering at the same time. I believe to this day I am STILL in shock over this tragedy.

When I need to feel a certain closeness to Sky, I go and hold her clothes from the night that she died. Just knowing that it is the last thing she wore and the last outfit she picked out brings me some odd sense of calmness. Sometimes I put her shoes on from that night and just feel them on my feet.

I have no real words of wisdom or comfort today. But I do feel the prayers coming through. I feel a sense of peace come over me just as I feel like my heart is going to leap from my chest. And that’s how I know that it is all of your prayers reaching me. THANK YOU to each and every one of you that have helped in ANY way throughout this tragedy. And most importantly, thank you for all of the prayers. Keep them coming for me, my entire family, and all of Skylar’s friends. So many of Sky, Sophia and Julianna’s friends are struggling so deeply. My heart breaks for them all, so please keep each and every one of them in your prayers as well.

I know everyone’s lives must move on when ours is stuck in neutral. I’m trying not to be angry that my life (and those closest to Sky) will never fully move forward. But I pray that none of you forget the impact this tragedy has had on this small community, nor forget that life is so very short and unpredictable, live each day to its fullest potential.

I included a quote from of one of Skylar’s favorite songs at the beginning of this article, and today, I am taking a lesson from her.

And she is telling me loud and clear: “Mom, don’t think twice, it’s alright.”

You are Spirit

By Alice McCall

Powerful, sleek, light of being, grounded, and yet free – those are the spirits that I see moving across the sky. Their force is undeniable. Their beauty, their sensuality, is intact and in place. How awesome, how incredible, and how right it is!

How did we get here?  Here, in our bodies? Why can’t we be the free, powerful, awesome energy that floats in harmony with the Universe?

It is because we signed up for this mission, even though we may not remember doing it. We signed up for the mission of being constrained by our bodies, but living a life free in spirit. This is not easy. Why would we do that?

When our spirit was free, it was easy to say, ‘yes, I can do that!’ Now, in human form, we face a huge challenge – but also an opportunity. How do we strike the balance between body and spirit – between earthly things and spiritual knowing?  How do we co-exist between the two worlds?

For each of us it is different – a different path or a different journey. The best place to start is by being true to you, to yourself, to your heart, and to your soul. This will help you uncover your true purpose for being in this physical form. This is an important discovery, as no two purposes are exactly the same. Listen to your inner self and be open to the answers it delivers.

I have so many clients who are interested in finding their path, their mission, or their purpose. We are all seeking answers. Even though it seems overwhelming, the answer simply lies within you. Facilitating my clients to discover from deep within themselves what their life’s purpose is – is something I really enjoy doing. However, the reality is that each of you can also find your truth. With an ongoing practice of meditation, your ability to connect with your inner wisdom will blossom. How you spend your time is your choice.  If you choose to take the time to be with your innermost self and listen to it on an ongoing basis, you will be rewarded.

How do you achieve the ability to live life freely in spirit while being constrained by your human body? By mastering your mind and emotions! You cannot live freely in spirit when your mind and emotions run the show. You have to choose things, people, activities, thoughts, and emotions that bring your body and spirit into balance.  Living in spiritual balance does take practice, but it is something definitely worth striving for.

As you look at the evening sky tonight, visualize your spirits floating through the clouds and sky.  Which ones do you identify with? Which ones inspire you to be all that you can be? Let that one, higher calling of your true spiritual self to enter your being. Allow yourself to become one with who you really are – Spirit!

“I am a Divine, Empowered, Spiritual Being. It is so!”

I Love U More: One Day At A Time

By Kelli Kooken

I’m sitting here this afternoon feeling at a loss for words. I have so many thoughts and feelings that run through my mind continually, but when I sat to type today, I have one thought that just keeps coming to the surface.

November 4, 2012 was not the day that my daughter and her friends died, it is the date that should be remembered as the birth of their new everlasting life – their new birth date.

My mind is blown hourly that I (and the other families involved) am making the types of decisions that I have had to make in the last 24 days. My mind is blown that tomorrow Skylar’s dad and I are going to look at headstones for our oldest baby. My mind simply won’t wrap itself around the finality of her life ending on this earth. Call it a survival mechanism, call it God.

Tate and Zack (my daughter’s friends who survived the car accident) told us the story that just seconds after the crash, there was an unusually bright light that filled up the entire cab of the truck. We are all comforted in knowing that it was our God coming for these 3 beautiful souls, to take them home. I’ve told many of you that I am haunted by so many aspects of this horrific accident. No mother (or parent) should ever have to endure what we have, and my heart has always broken for those that have (even before this accident).

I’m haunted by the 3 men at my door in the middle of the night, and the softness in their eyes, and voice as they asked to be let inside. I’m haunted by them asking to see a photo of Skylar and my brain not working with my hands to even know how to work my phone to show them. I’m haunted by them telling me that it wasn’t just my baby that was killed. I’m haunted by when they named Skylar’s best friend, Sophie, and my daughter Lexy’s best friend, Julianna, who were also dead.

My world seemed to come crashing in on me.

I am living my absolute worst nightmare.

I have text messages between Skylar and me that are dated November 1st, and we were discussing my fear of having my kids in car accidents. It’s eerie for me to read them knowing just 3 days later that my daughter was one of those statistics.

At times, I feel like I am living some sad lifetime movie or reading a fiction novel. The impact this has had on our community and ourselves personally is overwhelming to say the least. No parent should have to bury a child, but the tragedy and suddenness and 3 lives lost in a split second, is at times unbearable.  And I simply can’t even make myself get out of bed to start my day.

I TRUST and have FAITH that God has these beautiful souls by His side and our time on earth is so very temporary. And we WILL be reunited again……

However, this does not ease my pain, hurt, sadness, loneliness, and yes, even anger. I was telling a good friend last night that I’ve always hoped to live to a ripe old age and watch all of my children grow old as well. But now I am now ready for this life and world to be over. This world is so cruel and unfair that I am ready for Jesus to take all of his children home. I don’t want to live another 50 years on this earth without my Sky-bird by my side….my mind won’t even let me fathom a year without her let alone 50.

My prayer for each and every one of you is that you make each day count. They loved life, their friends, and their families so much that they deserve to be remembered each and every day. They left a huge footprint in the short time they were all here, and I’ve seen lives changed dramatically in the last 24 days, including my own.

I have more love in my heart than I can even explain, in a time that I should be filled with resentment, anger, and bitterness. I see myself looking at everything differently  – and I mean everything.

I always told people that Skylar and I were so much alike it was scary — our personalities were eerily similar. The connection and closeness that Skylar and I had is what my heart and soul is crying for right now. I find myself starting to text her something funny. Typically, she would be the first person I’d tell anything. But then I quickly realize that I can no longer do that.

But what I can do is live my life in honor of her (and Sophia and Julianna) every single day. Skylar had so much love in her heart for her friends, and she had friends from ALL walks of life. She was not your typical 16 year old girl who has to be with the “in or cool” crowd. She literally had friends of all colors, races, economic backgrounds, ages, sex etc.

She inspires me to be the same way.

Love you more baby girl.

4 Reasons To Exercise Your “Muscles”

By Meredith C. Nealis

Our muscles are the “engines” that our body uses to propel itself. Our muscles turn our energy into motion. We strengthen these muscles by exercising, eating right and taking care of our bodies. But what about our “other” muscles? What about the muscles we work on every day that keep us stuck in our own fears.? What about the muscles we work to strengthen like our “ego” muscles?

I recently had a conversation with a friend, who had a new man in her life. this new man was satisfying her ego muscles through sex. Sex (ego) muscles are the muscles (or the high) you get when someone wants to have sex with you. They give you the confidence to go out and accomplish anything you put your mind to. Sex muscles are similar to “beer” muscles. Beer muscles are the powers one imagines they have after consuming a few beers. We have all met guys that have their beer muscles working for them. Shy and quite by day, Don Juan by night.

These “ego” muscles or temporary highs can become addictive. These ego muscles trick us into feeling powerful and make us believe that we need to keep repeating the same behavior over and over to remain powerful. However, we end up feeling worse and worse about ourselves as each high wears off.

Building our ego is working the wrong muscles. It is not the “sex” muscles, it is not the “beer” muscles, the “love” muscles, or the “beauty” muscles that we need to work on. The muscles that we need to strengthen are our inner guide – or inner core – muscles.

Our biggest challenge is to chose the short term pain for the long term gain. As humans, every day we are evolving, changing,  learning, and growing. Each day is a baby step towards what we desire most, but in order to attain what we most desire, we need to make sure we have built a strong foundation by loving ourselves.

Our ego will always try to get in our way and push us off course, but it is important to stay focused, to work on ourselves to love ourselves everyday despite if we make a mistake.

Here are 4 things you can consciously do today to begin this journey:

1. Forgive yourself
2. Love yourself
3. Be kind to yourself
4. Listen to yourself (most important)

There is a constant battle between our ego and our inner guide. Our fears (ego) and our love for ourselves (inner guide) are always at odds. When we chose to feed or strengthen our ego, we are actually giving into our underlying fears. In my friend’s case, her fear is that she will be alone, and that she will never find that special someone. So rather than be alone, she choses to have someone in her life even if it’s only temporary. She gives into the fear of being alone, continues to feed her ego and strengthen the fear instead of overcoming it.

I am guilty of this same behavior at times. The ego plays on our fears, makes us believe that what we desire for ourselves is unattainable. But I believe that each one of us has the power to overcome our fears.

I believe that if we begin to strengthen our self love muscles (strengthening the connection with our inner guide), this would allow us to choose the right direction for ourselves. If we make the conscious decision to give up the addictive fear-based behaviors, we can begin a journey of loving ourselves unconditionally. And this includes strengthening our connection to our inner guide. When we do, then what we desire will come directly to us.

Today, I challenge each of you to find one thing you can do to love yourself. There are many articles and books out there that give us great ideas, and we all have great intentions to try everything we read. My challenge for you is to not try and find several things to do, but to just find one thing and do it consistently.

I am a single mom, and every day I have great intentions. But the day starts and ends, and then I find that I got nothing I wanted to do for me accomplished. So I now take 5-6 minutes every morning as soon as I get up and every night when I crawl into bed to do a mediation. I downloaded a morning and evening meditation on my phone and I listen to it in the morning and again at night. This simple morning meditation allows me to set my intentions with the Universe for the day, and then at night to thank the Universe for my wonderful day.

Consistency is the key. Find just one thing you can do for you… yourself enough to give back to yourself. We are all guilty of doing for others, but every day we need to take the time to do for ourselves. We need to love ourselves. The more love we give to ourselves, the more love we will have to give others.

Could Your Problem Be From a Past Life?

September 28, 2014

By Dick Sutphen

Do you have problems in your life for which you can find no cause? For example, maybe you have been overweight all of your life, but no amount of dieting or exercise can help you lose the weight. Perhaps your problem is not from this life, but instead, another one that you may have lived.

I understand that many people are skeptical of reincarnation. We live in a mostly Christian culture, and accepting past lives is not part of that belief system. And I’m not here to convince you one way or another – you have to make up your own mind. But what I do want to do is to open up your mind to the possibility.

I have been conducting research on past lives  since the 1970s. I have written many books that document how investigating someone’s past lives has directly impacted their current life and made it better. In this article, I’m going to share two stories with you that demonstrate what I am talking about.

A female therapist in her early forties told me she had been sexually molested by four different adult males by the time she was six years old.

Before we began the past life hypnotic regression session, I knew we were going to be exploring some painful memories. As it turned out, the woman had been punishing herself as a molestation victim for 16 lifetimes. When we explored the cause, she vividly perceived herself as a male pedophile who relentlessly stalked young boys. “I can’t help myself,” he said. Eventually he killed one of the boys to protect himself.

Cause and effect — 16 lifetimes of self-punishment in an attempt to resolve the guilt. Nothing carries over from one life to the next like guilt.

It is my belief that it is not God or the Lords of Karma that punish us. You alone are your own judge and jury. Thousands of years may pass, but if you still feel guilty, you may continue to seek absolution through “eye for an eye” experiences.

In this case, I directed some cathartic forgiving and releasing. My subject cried and cried out. A room full of professional therapists observed, engrossed in the process. When the woman had sincerely forgiven herself and everyone else involved, I felt she had broken the chain of cause and effect and will not need to reincarnate as a victim again.

In another recent case, I hypnotized an extremely overweight woman in her mid-thirties. She had tried to lose the weight a dozen different ways, but always put the pounds right back on.

Deep in an altered state of consciousness, I directed her to go back to the cause of her weight problem, wherever it might be (this life or a past life). Stepping out of the time tunnel, she immediately began to describe her life as a harem girl to a nomadic desert chieftain. Seven women serviced the man’s needs. When visited by other leaders, the women were sometimes shared sexually with the visitors.

My client said she was the prettiest and youngest, so was in most demand. She enjoyed the sex and the lifestyle, until a time when she was loaned to visitors who hurt her badly. After that, she did not want to be chosen. She began to eat excessively. When very heavy, she was no longer the favorite and seldom had to perform sexually. “The pounds protect me,” she said.

Today, she is still using the pounds to protect her. Deep in trance, she relived being nearly raped in this life by a high school date. Shortly after the incident, she began to gain weight.

I directed an intense releasing process and laid the groundwork for reprogramming. In her daily meditation she now says, “I know the cause and I release the effect. I no longer need to physically protect myself with excess weight, so I lose pounds and stabilize at 130. I feel safe and content at this weight.”

She started off weighing 190. I received an e-mail last week saying, “Richard, I’ve already lost 35 pounds. Thank you, thank you.”

Like I said, I am not here to try to convince you that reincarnation is real. I never push beliefs on anyone. However, what I can tell you is that I have worked with people like these for decades, and the changes are real. I’m not suggesting that everyone should now run out and seek a past life regression to solve their problems, but I hope that I have at least opened your mind to the possibility that reincarnation just might be real.

Try Meditation To Boost Productivity

Meditation – people seem to be talking about it everywhere you go.

Lots of famous and successful people report using meditation on a regular basis to help boost creativity and productivity, but also to help them recover from the effects of stress.

Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Tina Turner, Eva Mendes – these are just a few of the famous people that report using meditation on a regular basis.

There are lots of different types of meditation, and everyone has a specific type they like the most.  Mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, transcendental meditation, tai chi, yoga – these are just a few of the most popular practices.

If you suffer from stress and/or anxiety, or would just welcome a feeling of calm and focus, you might want to give meditation a try!

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